We raise awareness of melanoma and other forms of skin cancer

Over 44 people are diagnosed with melanoma every day, and more than 410 with other forms of skin cancer, and incidence is rising rapidly. Prevention is better than cure, so to tackle the issue we run four campaigns, to target those at the highest risk.


Our national awareness campaigns

Our campaigns provide tailored sun protection resources, helping groups and individuals raise awareness of sun protection within their specific sector. Each campaign is simple to implement, and aims to educate and protect the health and wellbeing of all in sport and outdoor recreation.

We work with leading organisations, teams of medical professionals and ambassadors who help us craft our messages for accuracy and relevance, expand our reach to a targeted audience, and generate industry credibility, resulting in national awareness and a massive impact on skin cancer.

OK Sun Safety Code

Blow the whistle on sunburn!

Supported by the UK’s leading national governing bodies of sport and 100’s of outdoor activity groups, we support activity leaders and coaches to enhance their provision of sun protection to children.

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Slip! Slap! Swing!

Sun protection campaign for golf

Supported by every leading golf organisation, we promote the importance of being ‘skin savvy’ as well as ‘sun savvy’ to everyone in the sport, helping keep skin cancer off the fairway.

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Sunguarding Sport

Our NEW sun protection resource for sport and outdoor recreation

Being active outdoors is important for health and wellness, as is being adequately sun protected. Supported by leading industry organisations, this free resource provides guidelines, tips and advice to keep everyone sun safe.

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Watch Your Back!

Keeping gardeners and horticulturists safe under the sun

Designed for those who spend a lot of time outdoors, we work with leading horticultural organisations to raise awareness of sun protection and skin cancer to their customers, visitors and staff.

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What you can do

Educate yourself

We all need to wise up on melanoma and other forms of skin cancer. To help, we have provided you with some key facts. Find out how to check, what to look out for and why it’s important for every member of the family to keep on top of their skin health.

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Spread the word

We believe that the more people know about melanoma the better. Unfortunately, when it comes to sun protection many underestimate the risks until it’s too late, so why not be one step ahead? Get savvy, create better habits, and then encourage others to do the same.

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Become a supporter

Whatever your age, interests or abilities there are loads of ways you can get involved in fundraising for us, from organising a car wash to running a half marathon, helping out at one of our events, or making us your charity of choice. Whatever you choose to do, we promise to support you right back.

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Get Accredited

Encourage your golf club, golf tournament, garden centre or organisation to become accredited and pledge to distribute sun protection information.

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Check today's UV

The more people talk, the louder the volume becomes, and the more people hear. Our aim is to ensure that nobody is in the dark when it comes to melanoma; the more people that know about it the better, so educate yourself and then educate others.

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Arrange a skin check

Whatever your age, interests or abilities there are loads of fun ways you can get involved in fundraising, from ‘shaking a tin’, organising a car wash to running a marathon or helping out at one of our events. Alternatively, simply help us spread the word via Facebook or Twitter.


Make a donation

Our work is focused on raising awareness of melanoma and other forms of skin cancer, all undertaken by a small, but focused team. Today is a tough environment for all charities, especially smaller organisations like ourselves who depend on donations to survive. All support is greatly appreciated.

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If you have melanoma news you would like to share here, please contact info@melanoma-fund.co.uk