Become a 'Sunguard' ambassador

We are looking for people to join our community of ambassadors, helping create change, to impact the high rates of skin cancer in the UK. You will need to share our passion and understand our mission, which is to ‘make sun protection a thing in sport and outdoor recreation’. You can help us disrupt the current ‘hit or miss’ attitudes, by sharing engaging stories, showcasing your own inspiring behaviour, influencing your organisation, or the people your work with.

From elite athletes and industry professionals, to medical experts and parents, our Sunguards will use their platforms, status, profiles, and passion to help spread our message, to create an impact on skin cancer.

Within the programme, there are three tiers of ambassadors:

National Sunguard

Leaders in the sports industry, internal ambassadors (our trustees and advisors), and high-profile celebrities, who can use their profiles and platforms to inspire and influence others, helping add sun protection to the agenda.

Elite Sunguard

Professional athletes/coaches in a variety of sports and outdoor activities. These will include those who have real experience with skin cancer or a passion about our mission and want to support us to create an impact.

Community Sunguard

Amateur athletes to sports students, to PE teachers to parents of sporty kids who can and want to create change and improve behaviour around sun protection in sport.

Become a Sunguard ambassador

Together we can make a real difference and save lives. As a Sunguard you can get involved in a number of ways, and we will provide you with lots of interesting opportunities to ensure it’s never dull, such as features on our social media and website, as well as media and speaking opportunities on behalf of Melanoma Fund.

Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you with further details.