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We are supported by every major golf organisation in the UK and Ireland. By becoming ‘Sun Protection Accredited’, you will join our community of golf clubs, raising awareness to members and staff, helping keep skin cancer detected early, and OFF the fairway.

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Why those in golf are at risk

Melanoma is the UK’s 5th most common cancer, with incidence in women doubling, and in men trebling, in the last thirty years. Those who play or work in golf are recognised to be at high risk due to three main factors:


A round can lead to prolonged sun exposure when UV levels are at their strongest, typically between 11.00am-3.00pm, from March to October.


Courses provide little shade, and highly UV reflective surfaces.


Players tend to avoid reapplying sunscreen due to lapsed habits, and to avoid a ‘greasy grip’, as a result of sunscreen application.

The good news is that melanoma, and all other forms of skin cancer are mainly preventable, simply by using sun protection. By becoming Sun Protection Accredited, golf clubs can ensure that their customers and staff are aware of the facts, helping create new healthy habits that will keep everyone playing, and working, in this great sport for longer.

Sun Protection Accreditation

Golf Clubs

Over 300 golf clubs signed up in 2020 which is fantastic news. Our aim is to now reach 600 in 2021. Involvement is FREE and easy, and by pledging 5 simple actions, you can improve your duty of care, protecting the health and wellbeing of both members and staff in minutes, by using our easy to access, downloadable resources.

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New for 2021 is our golf tournament Sun Protection Accreditation scheme, aimed at organisers, players, and spectators. Every major golf organisation has agreed to get their fixtures signed up, so you’re planning an event, why not join them? By signing up you’ll join a community in golf, helping create change and save lives.

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Get Skin Savvy

We promote awareness all year round. In spring/summer we urge everyone get ‘sun savvy’ and remember sun protection, and in autumn/winter we focus on getting ‘skin savvy’, educating on a regular skin checking routine.