Our Charity

Our mission: Raising awareness of sun protection in sport and outdoor recreation, highlighting the risks to help prevent melanoma and other forms of skin cancer.

When Myfanwy (Myf) Townsend died from melanoma in 1999, her family set up a charity to avoid this preventable loss happening to others.

Since then, fuelled by the driving force that was Myfanwy’s husband Harry Townsend, the Melanoma Fund went on to raise over £700,000, helping fund research, support campaigns and ultimately do what it was set out to do, and help prevent melanoma and save lives.

Harry passed away in 2020, however his legacy lives on, and the charity is as passionate as ever, sharply focused on raising awareness and educating those at the highest risk. Donations are as always gratefully received and wisely spent, to directly impact melanoma and other forms of skin cancer in the most effective way.

Our objectives

Raising awareness of sun protection in sport and outdoor recreation, to help prevent melanoma and other forms of skin cancer

Ensuring diagnosis is more readily available via our skin health clinics and encouraging people to check their skin and act rapidly

Organising national media campaigns and events that target those at high risk, such as children, gardeners and sportspeople

Educating on diagnostic signs and everyday precautions to promote early detection to save lives

Skin cancer is our most common cancer, with rates having increased in the UK by more than 163% since the early 90’s. It takes one sunburn to double the risk of melanoma and with 90% of skin cancers directly associated with UV exposure, the question is why do we underestimate the risks?

It’s time to stand up and face this question, and the best place to start is by improving understanding, awareness and the sun protection habits of all those who spend a lot of time outdoors.

Everybody reading this will know of someone who has been in contact with melanoma or another form of skin cancer, and will understand the devastating knock-on effects. There is no ‘just’ in skin cancer.

We need your help.

Ideally, we would like you to get involved; to organise fundraisers, sponsor the various challenges that are currently being undertaken by our fundraisers​ or simply educate yourselves about the facts and share them with others.

Or if you simply fancy donating, remember as a small charity your pound stretches further, and we can target your donation to a specific campaign. To find out more, get in touch.

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Our impact

Raising Awareness

Too many people underestimate the impact of melanoma and other forms of skin cancer. They say you never really ‘get’ cancer until you ‘get’ it – but we want to change that.

Awareness campaigns are recognised as a vital aspect in melanoma prevention, and we ensure ours are impactful and aimed at those at highest risk.


Education is king and when it comes to your skin it is paramount. Our ‘largest organ’ deserves respect and understanding and that is why we provide up-to-date and relevant information on our website and at our events regarding skin health.

From why to sun protect, what to look out for and why early diagnosis is vital – once known, never forgotten.

Supporting You

Fundraising is at the heart of what we do, as without donations we wouldn’t exist. It’s YOU that helps us create our campaigns, and so want to support you all we can.

We will provide branded tops, social media support, publicity leaflets and lots more to help you in your fundraising mission. Unity is strength!

Make a Donation

Our work is focused on raising awareness of sun protection to help prevent melanoma and other forms of skin cancer, all undertaken by a small, but focused team. Today is a tough environment for all charities, especially for smaller organisations like ourselves who depend on donations to survive. All support is greatly appreciated.