Watch Your Back!

Welcome to Watch Your Back! - a sun protection resource designed for all gardeners and brought to you by the Melanoma Fund. Although everyone is vulnerable, it’s men over 50 who are at the highest risk of developing melanoma; the most dangerous form of skin cancer, in areas that are hard to spot, such as the head, neck and back.
You will find helpful tips, facts, advice and details of our skin check events, all designed to show how and why protecting and checking your skin is important and easy to do. We have teamed up with 8 of the UK’s top gardeners, horticultural organisations and over 170 major garden centres to encourage everyone to get out and enjoy the garden, but stay safe!

We would like to thank the following gardening ambassadors for their support, helping us create awareness this year in over 170 major UK garden centres:

About the Melanoma Fund

We raise awareness of melanoma via campaigns such as Watch Your Back! and also the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code which educates outdoor activity leaders on the importance of protecting children. As well as prevention, we also fund research to help find a cure, lobby in Government for greater awareness and connect with patients to ensure their journey is shared.

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The campaign is officially supported by

The Garden Centre Association

The Professional Gardeners Guild

*Bristol-Myers Squibb has provided part funding for this campaign but has had no input into programme of work or content of the campaign materials.