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Why it’s so important to support small charities

Michelle Baker – CEO – Melanoma Fund

Having worked for big, blue chip organisations for over 30 years, I cannot tell you how proud I am to now work for a small melanoma charity that creates BIG impact, making a real difference to people’s health and lives. Never before have I held such passion for my work, felt so fulfilled or have I been more proud of the things I have helped this charity achieve.

Small but mighty!

The Melanoma Fund is a small national charity that raises awareness of melanoma, with just one paid member of staff, a hard-working Founder (Mr Harry Townsend) a team of amazing Trustees and a small handful of volunteers.  In #smallcharityweek it’s vital that we all recognise the amazing work of charities like the Melanoma Fund, which shows the real impact small organisations can have, without the massive overheads that bigger charities are liable for.

Vital work

In the last five years we have created two national campaigns; the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code and Watch Your Back!, both raising awareness of the importance of sun protection to high risk groups. We have joined the Melanoma Taskforce; a parliamentary lobbying committee, provided support to various patient groups, funded effective melanoma research, worked with local authorities to raise awareness and teamed up with other charities to organise skin checks across the South East to help our mission of PROTECT, DETECT, PREVENT. And much more.

Success needs support

The more we reach out, the more we achieve… the more opportunities we find present themselves to us, as does the demand for the charity’s resources and in turn our financial demands. Unfortunately, being such a (very) small charity, we don’t have the marketing might to reach out for funding in the same way that big charities do, yet a relatively small increase in funds would make such a big difference.

Add up the hand-full of  small melanoma dedicated charities in the UK (who are all doing incredible work in their own fields) and together we are together creating MASSIVE impact on this terrible disease, but without funding, we cannot survive.

In spite our size, Melanoma Fund has carved out a niche in its work in the UK and leads the way in terms of our campaigns which target people who are at high risk of developing skin cancer. This includes working with bigger organisations to get our messages across and seeking wider support, but this all takes resources.

The Melanoma Fund, and the countless other small charities in the UK who do great work, are always looking for support, whether as a volunteer, regular donor or for people to go out and challenge themselves in our name.

Get in touch

If you have been touched by melanoma and want to help us make a difference and support a charity that tells it as it is, why not find out more about what we do?  Visit at or email me at

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