Get Sun Protection Accredited

If you are a garden centre, nursery, landscaper, or a horticultural organisation that works with people outdoors, getting ‘Sun Protection Accredited’ will ensure everyone is informed and educated on the risks of UV exposure, helping improve sun protection habits and awareness of skin cancer.

Becoming ‘Sun Protection Accredited’ will benefit the health of your staff and customers and allow you to become part of wider community, aiming to create national impact on skin cancer.

Getting involved is free and quick to implement. A link to our downloadable resources will be supplied to you by email following registration. Simply read and then pledge the following actions:

Your Actions


Appoint a sun pro advisor to review the content, act as a facilitator and distribute materials.


Add a sun protection statement to your staff ‘health and safety regulations’.


Display our awareness poster and share our sun protection tips and skin cancer facts to both staff and customers.


Consider making sunscreen available for staff, either to purchase, or in dispensers, and retail sunscreen for customers/visitors. For sunscreen support visit HERE.


Display the accreditation logo* and certificate and include the Watch Your Back! campaign on your website and socials.

PLEASE NOTE: Your toolkit of downloadable resources will be supplied following registration.
*An accreditation window sticker will be also posted out to you.

What does it involve?

Getting Sun Protection Accredited is free, quick and all resources are provided.

Our aim is to get the lots of organisations creating small, but discernible actions, helping create positive impact. Do your bit and pledge the following 5 actions:

  1. Nominate a ‘Sun Protection Advisor’
  2. Display sun protection advice to staff in the appropriate health and safety areas and including details of our campaign on your website for customers
  3. Display awareness posters where appropriate and promote your support of the campaign
  4. Ensure that sunscreen is available for staff, either to purchase or for free
  5. Display the Sun Protection Accreditation logo

Why is it important?

Skin cancer rates are rising at an alarm rates, particularly affecting those who spend lots of time outdoors. It is important to educate spread awareness as many underestimate the risks. If not now, then when?

Is it timely?

No. You simply need to read our guidelines and then pledge to implement five simple but effective actions that will help create change in the industry. We will support you with all you need to create a buzz around sun protection.

What are the benefits?

We can help improve your duty of care strategy and enhance your CSR policies. You will join a community of organisations, impacting the health of all in horticulture. We will also provide you with advice on generating publicity to ensure your efforts are recognised in the local community.

Who does it?

We suggest that this is undertaken by a member of staff who is willing to commit to the actions. This person should have the support of the manager/director.

When do I start?

Anytime, however your actions should be promoted from April until September, when the sun is hot enough to burn, so we suggest get prepared and start as soon as possible!

Support in horticulture

Nine leading gardeners, 6 major horticultural organisations and over 360 garden centres currently support the Watch Your Back! campaign including: