Get Your 'Tournament' Sun Protection Accredited

Getting your tournament or golf fixture ‘Sun Protection Accredited’ will not only benefit the health of those who set up and work at the event, but also the players, caddies and spectators who attend. By signing up you will also become part of wider community, helping to create national impact on skin cancer.

By pledging to undertake 4 simple, easy to implement actions, you will help create new awareness, attitudes, and behaviour around sun protection in golf, helping cut the risk of skin cancer to all involved.

A link to our downloadable resources will be supplied to you by email following registration.

Your Actions


Add the sun protection statement and a link to the campaign on your website. 

Make them part of your terms and conditions of play and employment (or similar health and safety policy) as part of your event.


Download and display our awareness poster to help keep sun protection front of mind for all, whilst setting up and during the event.


Ensure that sunscreen is available for all whilst setting up, and during the event, either to purchase or in easy to access dispensers. For sunscreen support visit HERE.


Display the accreditation logo* and certificate, and promote the Slip! Slap! Swing! campaign on your website and socials.

PLEASE NOTE: Your toolkit of downloadable resources will be supplied following registration.
*An accreditation window sticker will be posted out on registration.

Why is it important?

Melanoma is our fastest rising cancer, but it is also largely preventable. With summer’s becoming hotter, it’s important spread awareness to those who spend a lot of time outdoors and underestimate the risks. If not now, then when?

Is it timely?

No. You simply need to read our guidelines and then pledge to implement some simple but effective actions within your club. We will support you with all you need to create a buzz around sun protection. We will even offer you some incentives such as complimentary sunscreen!

What are the benefits?

We can help improve your duty of care strategy and support your health and safety guidelines. Enhance your CSR policies and join a community of clubs, impacting the health of all in golf. We will also provide you with advice on generating publicity to ensure your efforts are recognised in the local community.

Who does it?

We suggest that this undertaken by the club’s PGA Pro or a member of staff who is willing to commit to the actions. This person should have the support of the club manager.

Accredited Golf Clubs

More than 300 golf clubs have become accredited with the Slip! Slap! Swing! campaign, including: