Sending us your donations

Further to receiving your funds we will bank it and issue you with an acknowledgement of receipt by email. The fundraising you have sent will be recorded against your name and event on our database.

Collecting sponsorship and donations

Collecting pledges and donations post-event can be time consuming, so to make this easier, please read our tips on collecting your hard-earned sponsorship.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid is a government scheme that allows charities to reclaim the tax that has already been paid on donations from UK taxpayers. If you choose to Gift Aid, the government will add an extra 25p to every £1 you give to the Melanoma Fund.

If you would like to Gift Aid your donations, you can download and print the form below and return to us.

Charity: Gift Aid declaration form for a single donation

Download PDF

CASC: Gift Aid declaration form for single donations

Download PDF

Cheques payable to us

If you are fundraising offline, encourage your donors to give using cheques or Charity Aid Foundation (CAF) vouchers payable to the Melanoma Fund. Please send these direct to us along with a completed donation form.

Cheques payable to you

You should deposit these in your bank and forward a personal cheque to the Melanoma Fund with a completed copy of the donation form from your fundraising pack.


We do not recommend sending cash in the post. If you receive sterling, you should deposit in in your bank and send us a personal cheque with a completed copy of our donation form. Alternatively, you can take the cash to a post office and get a postal order payable to the Melanoma Fund.

Debit/Credit Cards for online fundraising

If a sponsor prefers to use a debit or credit card, direct them to your designated on-line fundraising page.

Receipts for individual donations

If companies or individuals request individual receipts for the amounts they have given you, contact us and we will provide this.

We will acknowledge receipt of your fundraising

We will bank all fundraising and then post or email a receipt to you. This process can take a week to ten days. It is important that you enclose a completed donation form with all donations sent to us so that we can record the amount against your name and event on our database.

Make a Donation with JustGiving

Perhaps the simplest way you can donate is with JustGiving. Our work is focused on raising awareness of melanoma and other forms of skin cancer, all undertaken by a small, but focused team. Today is a tough environment for all charities, especially for smaller organisations like ourselves who depend on donations to survive. All support is greatly appreciated.