Richard Payne

Director, Sporting Insights

As a director of Sporting Insights, Richard manages all key golf accounts including The European Tour, the R&A and the PGA; golf federations in major markets; and all major equipment manufacturers. A keen golfer and member of Princes Golf Club, Richard is passionate about promoting the importance of sun protection in golf, as well as the health benefits to anyone who will listen.

My story

I firmly believe that golf is the perfect sport for all the family and is the only sport that enables an 8-year-old to compete with an 80-year-old on a level playing field. At a time when public social health issues such as inactivity and loneliness are frequently warned about in the media, golf can play an integral role in getting people outdoors, socialising, and keeping mentally stimulated in a friendly (often competitive) environment.

I have been incredibly fortunate to play golf throughout the UK and in quite a few different countries as well as attend professional tour events on 4 continents and it blows my mind that even in the blistering heat and exposed sunshine there are so many people who still don’t apply sunscreen. The attitude of “I’ll be fine” or even worse “a little bit of sunburn will turn into a good tan in a few days” is frightening and even worse a terrible message to pass down the generations.

The more that can be done to raise awareness of the dangers of UV exposure the safer everyone will be. If golf is a sport for life then we need to look after ourselves while playing and protect against all the elements, not just put a brolly up when it is raining.

With skin cancer being the fastest growing cancer, 90% of skin cancers being directly related to UV exposure and us having a simple, readily available mechanism (sunscreen) to prevent this, to ignore the advice is at best foolish. If my becoming a Sunguard ambassador can help encourage more people to take sun protection onto the fairway, then the more the better.

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