Rebecca Riddell

Experienced Caddie.

Rebecca has been a caddie at Royal Dornoch Golf Club for the past 8 years. Having also played golf from a very young age, she is very careful to avoid a sunburn and feels strongly that all caddies – as well as golfers – need to be aware of the risk of skin cancer, due to the time they spend on the golf course.

My story
Being a redhead, my parents have always nagged at me to make sure I’m wearing sunscreen and proper sun protection, as well as seeking shade when possible. My fair skin tone means I am highly vulnerable to the effects of over exposure to UV light, which is something that does concern me.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been until recent years that I have truly understood how important this actually is, and how prevalent skin cancer is in the UK as well as globally.

When spending all day on the golf course sun protection is not always at the at the forefront of our minds, especially when focused on perfecting your swing, or your indeed your job. This is why I believe that it is so important that the Slip! Slap! Swing! campaign is recognised in the golfing community as a must have resource, not just by players but by those who spend prolonged periods on the golf course.

When you play golf or work in the sport, it is typical to have specific routines, whether this be a pre-round warm up at the range, having a snack out on the course, or having a beer after the round. I believe that with a little effort we should all add ‘putting on sunscreen’ into that routine. It’s just a simple case of developing a good, healthy habit.

As a caddie we can be out on the course for two rounds a day, lasting up to 10 hours on occasion. I When I was a lot younger, I had my fair share of nasty sunburns while trying to get the perfect tan, and now realise it just wasn’t worth it. Our job is to focus on others, but there must be time we focus on our own health as nothing is as important as that.

The Slip! Slap! Swing! campaign is great and I am so happy to be involved. I hope that many golf clubs sign up to be Sun Protection Accredited its free, easy to do and benefits everyone, including caddies!

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