Promote your fundraising

Make some noise and generate awareness!

There are so many ways to raise awareness of what you are doing and in turn what we are doing. From promoting yourself on your social media platforms to making use of free editorial in local papers and online news websites, you can really fire up support. The local community likes this type of news and it full of opportunities so simply ask via telephone call then follow up with an email.

Generally a worthwhile media story involves a local angle, interesting facts and figures, a human interest story that readers can identify and a picture. Try to include an image of yourself in a one of our T- shirts (contact us and we will send you one) and always include a link to your on-line fundraising page.

Time Management

Give yourself plenty of time to plan publicity around your fundraising event, announcing the details well in advance. Contact your local radio station and ask for the forward planning desk and the picture desk at your local press to ensure they add it in their diary.

Word of mouth

This is vital. Make sure all your friends and families, neighbours and on-line community know about what you are doing and get them to help out in promoting your event. The more people that are talking about what you are doing the more potential sponsors you’ll have.

Send details

Forward a press release style email using a simple ‘when, where, why and what approach. Follow up this us with a reminder (if you have heard nothing back) and ensure you provide a post event summary (with pictures) to announce your success.

Be brave!

Don't feel shy about ringing journalists to check they've heard about your event. They need and want your stories!

On the day

Ensure you (or a friend) takes photographs and collects quotes and use these for a story after the event. You can even contact us for a quote.

If you require further assistance with media coverage and publicity please contact our publicity expert Michelle Baker on 07989551046 or email:

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