Sunscreen Support

Sunscreen Support

If your customers/clients are outdoor people, or you employ outdoor workers, making sunscreen available is important.

To make it cost-effective and hassle-free we have partnered with Lee Brothers to provide you with a special offer on Stokoderm products, that will also benefit the Melanoma Fund.

Free delivery is subject to a minimum order of £25 (or 6 bottles) and you simply need to add a code: SSS21 which when applied at check-out will provide the following discounts:

(All prices ex VAT)

Broad spectrum
Water resistant formula
Non greasy after feel
Cares for skin

DEB Stokoderm

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Sun Board (for use with dispenser)

  • Be UV Aware – Sign can be personalised*
  • Size: 600mm x 450mm
  • Specially designed board comes with 1 Litre dispenser


*If you wish to order a board, please email with a copy of your logo, to have it applied to the board when it’s produced.

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Parents - Thank You

Thank You

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What you can do

Educate yourself

We all need to wise up on melanoma and other forms of skin cancer. To help, we have provided you with some key facts. Find out how to check, what to look out for and why it’s important for every member of the family to keep on top of their skin health.

Learn more

Spread the word

We believe that the more people know about melanoma the better. Unfortunately, when it comes to sun protection many underestimate the risks until it’s too late, so why not be one step ahead? Get savvy, create better habits, and then encourage others to do the same.

More details

Become a supporter

Whatever your age, interests or abilities there are loads of ways you can get involved in fundraising for us, from organising a car wash to running a half marathon, helping out at one of our events, or making us your charity of choice. Whatever you choose to do, we promise to support you right back.

Find out how

Supporting Organisations

Hundreds of national sport and activity organisations support the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety code including:

Sun-Sorted Quiz

For adults overseeing the quiz

Getting children Sun-Sorted!

Sun protecting children can be tricky, however with just one blistering sunburn doubling the chances of melanoma in later life, it is important.

We believe that getting children to discover exactly why they need sun protection helps, inspiring them to take responsibility, and build good habits naturally, as well as making your job easier! With the help of leading experts, we have developed the Sun-Sorted! quiz, designed for KS2 children, it contains 24 multiple choice questions, with amazing facts about the sun, their skin, and their environment.

Quizzers receive a personalised certificate on completion, and can find out where they sit on the solar scale.

For those taking the quiz

Are you Sun-Sorted!?

Sun protection is a bit like cleaning your teeth, it’s a habit you need to develop, and in this case, for the health of your skin.

To build good habits, it is important for you to understand why sun protection is important, so we have created the Sun-Sorted! quiz, just for you! Complete all 24 questions to discover some amazing facts about the sun and our skin, find out where you sit on the solar scale, and receive your own personalised certificate.

Why not pit your knowledge with your friends, family, sports coach, leaders, and teachers!?

Solar Starter

You know the basics, but another try will get you to the next level!

Solar Student

You are on track! Ensure you keep up the good work!

Solar Whizz

You are sun-sational! Remember to put your learning into practice!

Solar Superpower

Amazing! Be sure to educate others with your knowledge!

The Big Giveaway!

We are giving away 150 sun protection goodie bags* to sports clubs and groups.

Containing a bottle of SunSense Kids SPF50 sunscreen, a Sun-Sorted! eco-friendly wristband, and further information on keeping sun protected, enough for 33 children. Packs can be used as prizes for completing the quiz, or for getting a good score etc.

Packs are FREE, however we kindly ask you to promote awareness of your activities on your socials and add #SunSorted21. Simply email us HERE with your name and address and we will post you out a pack, in time for summer.

*Packs will be subject to availability, and offered on a first come first served basis.

Take the quiz

Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Limited has provided funding for this campaign but has had no input into the programme of work or content of the campaign materials.

In association with


Thank You

You are now Sun Protection Accredited to the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code campaign.

Your Resources

Please find below a toolkit of resources, specifically created to ensure your work is impactful. You will shortly receive an email with guidelines on how to implement these within your club or organisation, kept as simple and flexible as possible.

Please do explore our new website and other areas of the OK Sun Safety Code campaign to get a better idea on who we are how we work. If you wish to get involved with us, or require further information, please get in touch HERE.


The OK Code

Download PDF

Sun Protection Policy

View page

Accreditation Logo

Download PNGDownload PDF

Accreditation Certificate

Download PDF

Awareness Poster

Download PDF

Awareness Poster

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Awareness Poster

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Awareness Poster

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Letter to Parents

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Facebook Post

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Twitter Post

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The OK Code

The OK Code

Practical advice for those working outdoors with children

Blow the Whistle on Sunburn!

THE OUTDOOR KIDS SUN SAFETY CODE was devised by the Melanoma Fund. It is partnered with the Youth Sport Trust, Association for Physical Education (AfPE), Child Protection in Sport Unit (NSPCC) and UK Coaching and supported by over 100 National Governing Bodies of Sport and outdoor organisations.

Following the OK Guidelines is as much about those who work outdoors with children understanding and using sun protection as it is about communicating the key facts to children and their parents/carers. It is important for everyone to work together in a variety of ways to ensure that all children are protected.

There are three core elements to the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code:


“It takes just one blistering sunburn to double a child’s risk of getting melanoma in later life”.
Professor Brian Diffey

Sun Protection Policy

Sun Protection Policy

It is important that you implement your policy in all summer sessions in order to create good habits for all.

The following rules are the basis of the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code, however you can add to these, or re-word to suit your tone and preference. Please cut and paste this content, and use on your website or on your notice boards or where they are visible and can be read by all:

Our Sun Protection Policy

I am/We are Sun Protection Accredited to the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code and will ensure that the following actions are applied to my/our outdoor sessions from March – October:

Skin cancer is the world’s most common cancer, mainly affecting those who spend lots of time outdoors without sun protection. With just one blistering sunburn in childhood doubling the risk of melanoma (the most dangerous form of skin cancer) I/we aim to do all I/we can to keep everyone protected.

Between March to October, we all need to be aware of the risks of UV light. Please work with me/us to ensure all children attending sessions understand the importance of sun protection and support us in carrying out the following actions:

We pledge to:

  1. PREPARE: Communicate with parents to ensure that everyone arrives ready for a day in the sun, (whatever the weather in the morning).
  2. PROTECT: Recommend hats and sunglasses (where possible) and ensure sunscreen (SPF30+) reapplied at breaks.
  3. SHADE: Avoid direct sunlight, and seek shade during lunch breaks or whilst spectating others.
  4. HYDRATE: Ensure water is always available and sipped throughout the day.
  5. LEAD BY EXAMPLE: Act as a role model regarding sun protection, and inspire children to follow suit.

For further information regarding sun protection for children in sport, please visit the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code at

Get Sun Protection Accredited

Get Sun Protection Accredited

Becoming ‘Sun Protection Accredited’ will not only benefit your health and all who you work with; you’ll become part of wider community, helping to create national impact on skin cancer in sport.

Our aim is to encourage small actions by many, to actively get people involved, promote awareness, educate on the risks, encourage action and in turn, help create healthy attitudes and behaviour in sport, at all ages. Getting involved is free and quick to implement. A link to our downloadable resources will be supplied to you by email following registration. Simply pledge to implement the following 4 actions.

Your Actions


Read the OK Sun Safety Code and circulate this information, educating others as appropriate.


Create a tailored sun protection policy and implement these actions into sessions between March-October, when and where appropriate.


Display our awareness posters and share our resources to all to help keep sun protection front of mind for all.


Display your sun protection accreditation logo* and certificate, and add promote your status on your website and socials.

PLEASE NOTE: Your toolkit of downloadable resources will be supplied following registration.
*An accreditation window sticker will be posted out on registration.

Why is it important?

Skin cancer is avoidable, and with melanoma now our fastest rising cancer, is it important for children to develop healthy habits early on. By spreading awareness to those who spend a lot of time outdoors we are targeting everyone at the right time, and in the right place.

Is it timely?

No. You simply need to read The OK Code and then pledge to implement some simple but effective actions within your sessions or club activities. We will support you with all you need to create a buzz around sun protection. We will even offer you some incentives such as complimentary sunscreen (when available).

What are the benefits?

As well as helping you improve your provision of sun protection, you will enhance your overall duty of care, and support your health and safety guidelines. You will also join a community helping impact the health of all who love sport. We can also provide you with marketing materials to ensure your efforts are recognised by your stakeholders and potential clients.

Who does it?

If you are an organisation, we suggest that this is undertaken by your existing health and safety or safeguarding officer, or a member of staff who is willing to commit to the pledges. This person should have the support of the organisation.

Supporting Organisations

Hundreds of national sport and activity organisations support the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety code including:



When you drop your child off at an outdoor activity session, be it training, fun or competitive sport, you will want them to be safe, and that also means sun protected. We can work with you to ensure they are!

Ensuring your child is sun protected all summer

Choosing the right organisation or individual to inspire and coach your child, it is never straightforward, but essential.

There are the obvious tick boxes, which include:




Coaching standards




Are you confident?

When it comes to sun protecting your child, are you confident that your outdoor activity provider has it covered?

Do they have a sun protection policy and most importantly, do they insist your child practices the following good habits:

  • Re-apply sunscreen at lunch breaks
  • Drink water throughout the day
  • Wear protective clothing according to the activity
  • Select shade whilst spectating or during lunch

And do they lead by example?

When it comes to sun protection, it is important that adults set a good example by displaying their own good habits. With sunburn increasing the chance of melanoma by 50%, don’t leave this to chance. Ensure your child’s club or outdoor activity leader is Sun Protection Accredited to the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code.

Either ask them to get involved by visiting or fill in their details in the referral box, and we will contact them and encourage them to get involved.

Partners and Supporters

Partners and Supporters


When the Outdoor Kids launched in 2014 we partnered with four of the major players in children’s outdoor sport to help guide us on our campaign, and we continue to work with them today.

We appreciate and highly value their endorsement, which has helped us secure the backing of so many large organisations including; Sport England, Sport Wales and Sport Ireland. We use their expert advice to help guide our campaign materials to ensure all content is relevant and impactful.


The Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code is supported by hundreds of National Governing Bodies of Sport and overarching outdoor and coaching organisations.

Each has pledged to help us raise awareness, promote and share our guidelines with their database of coaches, instructors, teachers and leaders, as well as member clubs.

If your organisation works with children outdoors and you want to get involved, contact us here. You will be part of an expanding group of organisations who are creating noise to strengthen this vital form of both health and safety, and safeguarding.

Tom Partridge, Vice Chair, AAIAC

Richard Johnston, Senior Manager - Active Cumbria

Nicki Couzens; Business Support and Communications Manager – Active Partnerships

Activity Alliance, Jannine Walker, National Events Manager

Marcus Bailie, Head of Inspection - Adventure Activities Licensing Service

Janette Sweeney, All4KidsUK

Kate Moss, Development Manager - Young People – Archery GB

Dave Harvey, Head of Centres - AHOEC

Sue Wilkinson - Strategic Lead & Director of the Professional Support Unit - afPE

Jane Williams; Acting Chair - ABRS

Tom Scanlon, Director of Public Health – Brighton & Hove District Council

Pete Stacey; Chief Officer - The British Activity Providers Association

Amanda Harwood, Membership Manager, BASEM

Alaina MacGregor, Chief Executive of British Blind Sport

Paul Owen, CEO - ​British Canoeing

Alex Copeland, Head of Sports Development - BEF

Ellie Vajčovec, Executive Equality & Safeguarding – British Horse Society

Stephanie Allmark, Clubs & Groups Development Manager - British Cycling

Calum Musket, Ambassador – British Mountaineering Council

Samuel Haslam, Head of Business Development – British Water Ski & Wakeboard

Martin Smith, Founder,

Teresa Hames, Director - Coach Unlimited

Tessa Robinson - Director and Founder of Club Hub UK

Melanie Mallinson, Marketing and Mail Order Director - Coachwise

Elaine Skates, Deputy Chief Executive - Council for Learning Outside the Classroom

Anne Tiivas, Director of The Child Protection in Sport Unit

Lizzie Usher, Programme & Quality Manager – The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Peter Stanley, Head of Coaching & Development - England Athletics

Dr Nick Peirce, Chief Medical Officer - NCPC England and Wales Cricket Board

Fields in Trust Chief Executive - Helen Griffiths

Jon Petit; Recruitment Director - Future Active

The Golf Foundation

Scott Brand; National Sports Officer - ISA

Andy Robinson, CEO - Institute for Outdoor Learning

Bianca Logronio; Safeguarding Lead – Kent Sport

Stuart Fraser, Centre Manager - The Leicester Outdoor Pursuit Centre

Gary Palmer, London Sport

Phil Doorgachurn, Safeguarding Manager – The LTA

Belinda Fear, Development Officer - Mountain Training Association

Emma Jackson, School Games Organiser - North Oxfordshire School Sport Partnership

Martin Smith, Senior Adviser – Academic Resilience

The Outdoor Education Advisers Panel

Andy Western, Manager - PADSIS

The Pony Club

David Leatherdale, Chief Executive - Professional Cricketers’ Association

Wayne Robinson, Owner – Progressive Sports

Julie Bishop, Consultant in Public Health - Public Health Wales

Julia Rice, Marketing Officer - Rounders England

Alana Cama, Schools Development Manager – Royal Horticultural Society

Rachel Faull-Brown, RFU Player Welfare Manager

Kelli Aspland – Founder, Solar Buddies

Adrian Ledbury, Head of Operations - CSPn

Emma Boggis, Chief Executive - Sport and Recreation Alliance

Antoinette McKeown, Chief Executive - Sport Northern Ireland

Sports Coach UK

Richard Norman, Chief Executive – Sports Leaders

Ian Whadcoat; Communications Manager - Swim Safe

Darren Talbot, Managing Director - Twenty20 Cricket Company

David Stalker, CEO - ukactive

Victoria Ward; CEO - Welsh Sports Association

Steve Neale, Operations Director - Wiltshire and Swindon Sport (WASP), the County Sports Partnership



We are supported by a team of sport and outdoor loving ambassadors, all who understand the importance of sun protection for children when playing outdoors. We work with our team in unique ways and thank them for their time and help.

Casey Stoney

Casey Stoney MBE is the English former footballer who currently coaches Manchester United Women. Casey is a naturally talented player who has been capped more than 100 times for the England women’s national football team since making her debut in 2000. As a parent, coach and player Casey understands the importance of sun protection from all sides and we are delighted to have her as a supporter.

Matthew Hoggard

“I’ve spent a lot of time under the sun in my cricket career and totally see the relevance of this important initiative. As a coach and a dad, it is one that I am also very keen to support.”

Jordan Moore

“Having had melanoma, I want to make sure that others understand the risks; the importance of checking for changes in your skin and of course sun protection.”

Alan Titchmarsh

“As a gardener, I´ve always been sun aware and I´ve supported the Melanoma Fund for over ten years. The Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code is a brilliant idea, and a great way to ensure that youngsters can enjoy an outdoor lifestyle whilst being properly protected.”

Martin Johnson

“The sooner we can find a cure for this terrible form of cancer that is affecting increasing numbers of sportsmen and women, the better.”

Baroness Grey-Thompson

“I am pleased to support The Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code. It´s very easy to think that the weather in this country isn´t hot enough to cause damage, it is. So please make sure that you protect your kids when they are outside playing.”

Calum Muskett

“Skin cancer is an issue I’m very aware of within the mountain guiding profession, as incidence in this sector is remarkably high. Having recently worked on the ice caps of the Southern Alps in New Zealand, I’m also aware of just how severe the UV index is at altitude, so I am proud to support this amazing campaign.”