Sun Protection Accreditation FAQ

We have listed below the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we have had about the campaign:

A free resource which educates and supports all those who work outdoors with children. By getting OK Accredited, individuals and organisations are better equipped to protect children and themselves from the harmful effects of the sun while enjoying physical activity outdoors.

Our guidelines were created, and are endorsed by leading skin cancer and melanoma specialists, experts in sport, coaching, outdoor activities and welfare, ensuring they are accurate, relevant and up to date.

Skin cancer is the UK’s fastest growing and most common cancer, with sunburn increasing the risk of melanoma (the most dangerous form) by up to 50%. We believe that sunburn should never happen to anyone. By supporting this initiative, you are protecting your health and the future health of the children in your care.

Skin cancer is avoidable, and with melanoma now our fastest rising cancer, is it important for children to develop healthy habits early on. By spreading awareness to those who spend a lot of time outdoors we are targeting everyone at the right time, and in the right place.

Simply sign up to get access to the OK Code and our Materials. Decide how you or your club wants to get involved and then create your Sun Policy. The most important thing is to ensure your actions are implemented to create impact.

No. We know you are busy, so we provide only the information you need to know, making this quick and easy to implement into your working day.

No. You simply need to read The OK Code and then pledge to implement some simple but effective actions within your sessions or club activities. We will support you with all you need to create a buzz around sun protection. We will even offer you some incentives such as complimentary sunscreen (when available).

We have designed the initiative to support all activities and level of resources. We have made the process as easy to follow as possible so you can get up and running this summer.

As well as helping you improve your provision of sun protection, you will enhance your overall duty of care, and support your health and safety guidelines. You will also join a community helping impact the health of all who love sport. We can also provide you with marketing materials to ensure your efforts are recognised by your stakeholders and potential clients.

We believe that everyone should be responsible, including the children themselves, however sometimes it is easy to get confused on these responsibilities. We make it clear how to navigate and understand sun protection to ensure everyone has the best chance of building better habits.

If you are an individual this is easy to achieve, and we are always here if you need advice or help. If you are an organisation, we suggest that this is undertaken by your existing health and safety or safeguarding officer, or a member of staff who is willing to commit to the pledges. This person should have the support of the organisation.

Those who participate in outdoor sport tend to spend prolonged periods under the sun, either having fun, training or participating and are therefore at higher risk of sunburn and accumulated sun damage. Outdoor children invariably grow up into outdoor loving adults, so it is important for them to generate good habits at a young age.

Simply inform them about the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code, send them the link or a leaflet and urge them to become Sun Protection Accredited. It is free, quick, and easy to implement and will help everyone involved review their behaviour and develop habits that will last a lifetime.

We understand this and have developed the campaign around ideas to get children involved without them feeling preached to. Leading by example (applying sun protection yourself) is a good way to start inspiring action, as is enlisting the help of parents to prepare them for a day in the sun. Aim to get ‘more’ children protected in your sessions, and progress from there!

We understand that children (or adults) may forget to bring sunscreen to sessions, and also that not all families can afford it.  To make it easy, we offer SPF30 at a discounted rate.  To benefit all, all purchases include a small donation to the Melanoma Fund! For details click HERE

If you have any further questions, or just want to give us feedback, please contact us.

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