When you drop your child off at an outdoor activity session, be it training, fun or competitive sport, you will want them to be safe, and that also means sun protected. We can work with you to ensure they are!

Ensuring your child is sun protected all summer

Choosing the right organisation or individual to inspire and coach your child, it is never straightforward, but essential.

There are the obvious tick boxes, which include:




Coaching standards




Are you confident?

When it comes to sun protecting your child, are you confident that your outdoor activity provider has it covered?

Do they have a sun protection policy and most importantly, do they insist your child practices the following good habits:

  • Re-apply sunscreen at lunch breaks
  • Drink water throughout the day
  • Wear protective clothing according to the activity
  • Select shade whilst spectating or during lunch

And do they lead by example?

When it comes to sun protection, it is important that adults set a good example by displaying their own good habits. With sunburn increasing the chance of melanoma by 50%, don’t leave this to chance. Ensure your child’s club or outdoor activity leader is Sun Protection Accredited to the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code.

Either ask them to get involved by visiting or fill in their details in the referral box, and we will contact them and encourage them to get involved.