We are supported by a team of sport and outdoor loving ambassadors, all who understand the importance of sun protection for children when playing outdoors. We work with our team in unique ways and thank them for their time and help.

Casey Stoney

Casey Stoney MBE is the English former footballer who currently coaches Manchester United Women. Casey is a naturally talented player who has been capped more than 100 times for the England women’s national football team since making her debut in 2000. As a parent, coach and player Casey understands the importance of sun protection from all sides and we are delighted to have her as a supporter.

Matthew Hoggard

“I’ve spent a lot of time under the sun in my cricket career and totally see the relevance of this important initiative. As a coach and a dad, it is one that I am also very keen to support.”

Jordan Moore

“Having had melanoma, I want to make sure that others understand the risks; the importance of checking for changes in your skin and of course sun protection.”

Alan Titchmarsh

“As a gardener, I´ve always been sun aware and I´ve supported the Melanoma Fund for over ten years. The Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code is a brilliant idea, and a great way to ensure that youngsters can enjoy an outdoor lifestyle whilst being properly protected.”

Martin Johnson

“The sooner we can find a cure for this terrible form of cancer that is affecting increasing numbers of sportsmen and women, the better.”

Baroness Grey-Thompson

“I am pleased to support The Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code. It´s very easy to think that the weather in this country isn´t hot enough to cause damage, it is. So please make sure that you protect your kids when they are outside playing.”

Calum Muskett

“Skin cancer is an issue I’m very aware of within the mountain guiding profession, as incidence in this sector is remarkably high. Having recently worked on the ice caps of the Southern Alps in New Zealand, I’m also aware of just how severe the UV index is at altitude, so I am proud to support this amazing campaign.”