Blow the whistle on sunburn!

The Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code is a free educational resource for all those who work outdoors with primary aged children. By becoming Sun Protection Accredited you’ll find out why sun protection is vital, and how best to implement this into your outdoor sessions.

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Why are children at risk?

Young skin is especially vulnerable to UV exposure, and with sunburn during childhood strongly associated with an increased risk of skin cancer in later life, it is vital to create good sun protection habits early on.

With skin cancer now at epidemic levels, our aim is to help keep outdoor loving children safe, protecting their skin today for a healthier ‘outdoor life’ tomorrow.

Who is this campaign for?


Whether a coach, outdoor activity leader, instructor or teacher, if you work outdoors with children we can help you update your sun protection knowledge and improve your practices.


Our guidelines are relevant and flexible for groups, clubs and schools. Share your policies centrally, and recommend staff become individually Sun Protection Accredited, helping strengthen knowledge all round.


Want to ensure your child develops good sun protection habits? Visit our parents portal to educate yourself and your child, and get your chosen activity provider to sign up too.

Our story

We launched the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code in 2014 and each year we focus on making it easier to follow and more flexible, ensuring that getting Sun Protection Accredited works for you, your staff or your organisation.

We are partnered by the Association for Physical Education (afPE), the Child Protection in Sport Unit (NSPCC), UK Coaching and the Youth Sport Trust, who endorse our advice and ensure it is targeted and relevant. We are supported by a wealth of overarching sport and outdoor organisations who take sun protection seriously. This all filters down to our members; the individuals and organisations who create impact on the front line! For that we thank you, and will ensure that when it comes to sun protection, you are 100% all over it!

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Getting children to understand why they need to protect their skin is the first step in building healthy habits.

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We are relevant to all outdoor activities!

We are relevant to all outdoor activities!

When it comes to action, here is our game plan

What we do

Educate on all aspects of sun-protecting children

Help you create a Sun Policy and implement it effectively

Provide materials to support your work

Give you a free UV widget

Provide ‘Sun Protection Accreditation’ status

What you do

Sign up

Read our guidelines

Create a Sun Policy

Implement positive actions into your sessions

Use our resources to raise awareness

Signing up will provide access to resources which will fast-track your understanding of sun protection and improve your provision of this vital form of safeguarding to children, whether you are an individual or a group.

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Demonstrating how words without action can fail to protect children. Don’t just tick the box, make your actions count!

When working with children, there’s lots of things to remember, but when it comes to sun protection, there’s only five!

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Our work is focused on raising awareness of melanoma and other forms of skin cancer, all undertaken by a small, but focused team. Today is a tough environment for all charities, especially for smaller organisations like ourselves who depend on donations to survive. All support is greatly appreciated.