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I'm very excited to be able to tell you that 2013 will be the year that we reinvigorate the Myfanwy Townsend Melanoma Research Fund.

We've done some amazing work in the past, thanks to the help and support of so many organisations and individuals like yourself. Now we plan to do more, much more!

Two new supporters, Anna and Michelle are helping us now, and with their drive and enthusiasm we want to make 2013 the start of a new journey in memory of Myfanwy.

I hope that you like our bright new logo. We have also refreshed our website and are up-to-date on Facebook and Twitter, keeping you permanently in touch and instantly up to speed on our news.

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As you know, our aims are to increase awareness of the life threatening condition of melanoma and save lives, help earlier diagnosis, educate and fund practical research to find a cure.

Times are tough and all charities are up against it, but together with old friends and new we can continue the good work!

Best wishes,

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Get on board with fundraising during Melanoma Awareness Week

Melanoma Awareness Week takes place 15–23 June 2013 and it would great if you could plan an activity for that week or around that time. We can support your activity with our NEW kit; sunhats, T-shirts, collecting tins, stickers and leaflets. Tell us what you are planning and we’ll see what else we can do to help.

As part of Melanoma Awareness Week we have joined forces with Mumsnet to run a week long campaign. The Myfanwy Townsend Melanoma Research Fund will be the ‘Campaign of the Week’, giving us a chance to share our message with the 40,000 followers of Mumsnet. This is great news as protecting children is one of our key objectives. Look out for us on from 24 June all week and don’t forget to share with all your social media contacts and we’ll be doing the same!

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Harry’s Vegetable Heroes at Haskins – Garden Centres

Haskins will again be supporting us with a Melanoma Awareness Weekend on 22–23 June at Snowhill, East Grinstead, with vegetable hero themed fun days for kids and adults alike. Harry will be demonstrating his Foot Square Vegetable Garden and challenging the young ones to grow their own. For futher information visit Contact if you can spare a few hours to help collect on the day!

Haskins Garden Centres

The Royal Tunbridge Wells Skin & Laser Clinic: Our New Supporter!

We are delighted to tell you first about our new partnership with this established clinic; set in the heart of Royal Tunbridge Wells. They have named us as their preferred charity and we will soon be featuring on their website To get the ball rolling we have already started working with them on a number of fundraising events including…

Skin & Laser Clinic

Mole Scanning Days: At AXA PPP

We joined the team at the Royal Tunbridge Wells Skin & Laser Clinic to offer FREE Mole Scanning Days to all AXA PPP staff on the 21 – 23 May. Whilst the trained professionals at the clinic carried out mole checks, Harry and Anna chatted about melanoma and prevention and all attending were given the opportunity to donate towards our fund. For further details on mole scanning visit:–Scanning

AXA PPP Healthcare

Read all about it…

We are well under away on our media campaign and have already started to get the message out there via newspapers, magazines, radio and TV and of course online. Did you see us mentioned by Julia Bradbury in the latest issue of Hello magazine? The June issue of Aspect County talks about Melanoma Awareness Week and look out for Dr Pixie and melanoma in Best magazine. All media details will shortly be on our website.

Latest News From the Blond McIndoe Research Foundation

The research foundation is based at the Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead, where Myfanwy used to work. One of the things our funds have recently achieved is the setup of a new research project to look for markers in the blood indicating metastatic progression of melanoma in those already diagnosed with the condition.

BlondMcIndoe Research Foundation

If this research is successful it will allow clinicians the opportunity to plan treatment at the earliest opportunity and therefore hopefully improve outcome for patients. At our recent meeting, Dr Yella Martin confirmed that the patient recruitment drive is going well and they hope to have news for us late summer when a new researcher should be in place and ready to start in the laboratory.


Outdoor Kids Campaign

We have identified a big void in the area ‘safety in the sun’. Thousands of children and young adults and their coaches and leaders take part in organised outdoor activities every year, but information and encouragement to think about being protected is minimal or often absent.

Building this year and taking place next year we be launching an ‘Outdoor Kids’ Campaign. We will be looking for commitment from groups like the Scouts, Cricket England, National Trust, RYA, FA, RFU to name a few.

We would really appreciate your views and ideas on this. Our aim will be to educate on sun safety and provide organisations with protection information in an easy to use format. Where possible we will support fundraising and additional activity to promote the ‘safety in the sun’ message.

Outdoor Kids Campaign


It’s great to hear your news. There have been some fantastic challenges taking place and we’ve heard of some amazing activities that are in the planning stage.

Marathon des Sables

Michiel Hoefsmit did it! He completed the gruelling 6 day Marathon des Sables in April. This is in fact five and a half marathons in the searing heat and extreme conditions of the Sahara. He raised much needed funds for MTMRF.

We see from Michiel’s Facebook page that he really has got the desert bug, with plans for Gobi, Kalahari and Atacama events. We wish him all the best and ask him to please keep us updated with all his plans.

Michiel Hoefsmit Profile Picture

Visit his fund raising page:
or follow his blog via

Cross Channel two way rowing challenge 2014

Campbell Watt and his six man team from Leeds United will be rowing the Channel on June 8th 2014, when they reach France, to save money they’re turning around and rowing back! The lineup includes former England rugby player Danny Mills, Leeds United goalkeeper Jamie Ashdown, Leeds physio – Harvey Sharman, and footballers Danny Mills and Craig Short. We look forward to hearing more from them about their training and preparations for the challenge. Sponsor them now on JustGiving:

Outdoor Kids Campaign

Leeds United

Continue to raise funds through their autographed merchandise scheme. So far they have raised well over £10,000. Thank you!

Leeds United FC


This new website (to be launched in June) is the place to go for all things ‘outdoor’. Wildwiki will be supporting our ‘Outdoor Kids’ Campaign as we build activity into 2014. More to follow.



Biking with Barn Owls & Jelly Babies

Neil Sands is a criminal lawyer from Lincolnshire. On the 28th May he set off to Brussels on a 4 day, 350 mile bike ride, raising funds in memory of his cousin, Sally Mitchell who died of melanoma in 2011.

As any endurance rider will testify, the hardest part is the loneliness of hours of training and keeping the motivation alive. This is not a problem for Neil; on his regular evening 30 mile rides he is regularly joined by barn owls, which fly alongside him.

Says Neil “When it happened the first time I was quite shocked but as time has gone on I really feel that they are behind me; that’s what I like to think anyway. If not, they make great training companions!”.

Another prop is his regular bag of Jelly Babies! He admits that his rides would also be far less productive without the endless supply he consumes!

To date he has raised £1,545.00. Once he recovers, we cannot wait to speak to him about his experience.

Neil Sands

For donations/information visit:

Marathon des Sables 2014

Ashley Charlwood is running in the Marathon des Sable 2014 in memory of his friend Pete Bursnall who died of melanoma. Ashley’s aim is to run 250km across the Sahara in 6 days to raise £10,000 for the fund and we will be behind him all the way! We look forward to hearing more from in as he prepares for the challenge.

Ashley Charlwood - Marathon Des Sables

For donations/information visit: http://www.justgiving.

Safe ‘n’ Stylish! With

‘We are delighted to be working with the MTMRF. Our aim is to design stylish sun protection that people want to wear, a one stop shop for all Sun Protective Products. ‘ Angeli Jackson, founder and director of Sunsibility.

Sunsibility design and make to order SPF50 garments for children and adults, perfect for comprehensive outdoor sun protection, great for sport and leisure. They also stock a fantastic range of additional UV protective brands available online including SPF 50 hats, umbrellas, and sun creams to UV Monitors and window films. Find out more at:

For your chance to win a £30 money off voucher for clothing, all you need to do is tell us your safety in the sun slogan and the best one (as judged by Harry and Angeli) will win! Closing date is 30th June 2013. Email your entries to Harry@Melanoma–

If we haven’t mentioned you here please let us know what you have planned and we can include you in next month’s newsletter.


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