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Dear All,

What a year! For those who have been following us on Facebook and Twitter over summer you will know that we have been working hard to raise awareness of melanoma and educate the masses on the importance of sun protection.

We launched the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code this year and have been delighted with the response from groups and organisations that work with children outdoors. We now have over 40 national governing bodies of various sports and outdoor activity groups and this is growing on a daily basis.

Having rolled this out on shoestring budget, we are now looking to take this educational resource into schools and in front of outdoor groups/associations in a big way in 2015.

The OK Code is currently being revised; it will be easier to follow, encouraging more people to take action and get involved.  The emphasis will be on encouraging individuals and groups/schools etc. to implement an effective sun protection policy, with the main focus being ‘educating’, ‘leading by example’ and encouraging ‘reapplication of SPF30 after lunch breaks’.

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Our aim is to make a difference and blow the whistle on sunburn! Avoiding sunburn when young can reduce the chances of developing melanoma by as much as 78%

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To raise awareness of our new and improved website, we are planning a media campaign to be launched in Spring 2015, aimed at every teacher, coach, instructor and leader who works with children in the UK. Our message is simple - avoiding sunburn when young can reduce the chances of developing melanoma by as much as 78%. Our aim is to ensure that all children are effectively sun protected.

The campaign will include the following elements:

Sun Awareness Film:

sun awareness film

'Blow the Whistle on Sunburn’ will be a fun, engaging and educational film produced by the YST Media Alumni and presented by and featuring high profile sports personalities/ coaches etc.  This will be released and premiered in 9 screenings in schools in each of the TV regions in England in May.


Our aim will be to help educate everyone (children and those who work with them outdoors) on the importance of sun protection in the UK. To help educate and develop new habits we will provide digital fact sheet/Q&A for teachers/coaches and details of how to sign up to the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code – which will raise awareness their good work. With the help of our associates and supporters, this will be made available to every teacher, coach, instructor and leader in the UK.


Viral Campaign:

We will use our high profile sports personalities and our supporters to kick start a viral campaign.  People will be asked to post a selfie with sunscreen on their nose, accompanied by #blowit!, the link to the film and getting others to follow suit.

viral campaign

Can you Help?

We have been pledged full support from all our associates and partners who will help us get this campaign in front of every teacher/coach in the UK.  What we need is financial support to really help get everyone listening. Help us achieve this by sharing our news on Facebook and Twitter, talk to others about our work – simply spread the word. If you would like to donate, please visit for further details.

can you help?

and help reduce the risk of melanoma in later life

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