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Melanoma Facts

melanoma and the sun facts

Melanoma & The Sun

A Consensus Statement

    • Sunburn should be avoided by individuals of all ages.
    • There is increasing evidence that excessive sun exposure and particularly sunburn when aged under 15 is a major risk factor for skin cancer in later life. Protection of the skin of children and adolescents is therefore particularly important.
    • It is important to realise the cumulative nature of sun induced skin damage. This is of particular relevance to individuals now living in the UK who may have spent part of their lives in a tropical or sub-tropical environment.

vitamin d and the sun facts

Vitamin D & The Sun

Doctors have warned recently about a sharp rise in cases of rickets, the bone disease in children. Vitamin D deficiency, which causes the condition has been blamed on that fact that children spend too long indoors, and also on parents who are over-vigilant with the sun cream. According to a clinical review paper in the British Medical Journal by Professor Simon Pearce and Dr Tim Cheetham, there are several hundred cases of vitamin D deficiency reported among children in the UK every year.

melanoma and sunbeds facts

Melanoma & Sunbeds

If you are thinking of using a sunbed, we advise you not to. But don’t take our word for it. Here is some advice from others:

“Sunbeds are estimated to cause around 100 deaths from melanoma every year in the UK” Cancer Research UK

“When it comes to sunbeds it’s unfortunately a big NO. Irrefutable scientific studies have shown a very strong link between sunbeds and melanoma and non melanoma cancers” Paul Banwell FRCS(Plast)

“Sunbeds are “linked to 100,000 cancer cases a year in the UK” Daily Express

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