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I am delighted to announce that we attended a collaboration meeting at the London offices of Cancer Research UK last week.  this was a fantastic opportunity to exchange views and information on our forthcoming campaigns and activities and also to fully understand what everyone else  is up to.

We heard from Skcin about their Sun Safe Schools accreditation and how they plan to build on the success of 2013.  We learnt that there are definitely some synergies with our own 2014 plans, and we look forward to sharing best practice with them as a result of this.

Melanoma Focus updated us on their plans and suggested a ‘parasol’ group of like-minded melanoma charities, certainly something we could consider and will be looking into.

BAD (British Association for Dermatologists) explained how they work as a representative body for dermatologists and shared some interesting experience of mole clinics.  This was incredibly useful as this is something we are planning to expand in the near future. BAD work closely with sun care specialists Laroche Posay and they shared the current sentiment of the profession on a variety of topics from sunbeds to sunscreen.

On behalf of the Myfanwy Townsend Melanoma Research Fund, we shared our plans for 2014 including the Outdoor Kids Initiative and all our forthcoming fundraising activities, including the big sporting challenge ‘LUFC Rowing Team Across the Channel’ (To support this attempt, our charity ambassador, Michelle Baker has agreed to become a team member!)

LUFC Channel Row Team Image

Cancer Research UK explained their own positioning on research and it was agreed that to generate consistent messaging the best way forward would be to organise and attend regular meetings.  Everyone expressed their disappointment in the lack of funding for skin cancer and the challenges ahead to attract funding to meet all our and the wider objectives of the health sector.

Overall, it was inspiring to be part of such a pro-active networking team.   All charity representatives were helpful, knowledgeable, passionate and happy to share their experiences for the greater good.  Further to this, we  will look to actively reach out and provide our help where needed and at the same time, gain valuable  key learning’s and feedback to ensure that our future campaigns are targeted and well supported from grass roots level.

It was agreed that all parties could work together in a more pro-active way to improve social media support and interaction, vital to raising awareness on-line.  Further to this, we have been asked to provide feedback on our current messaging on the following topics to ensure consistent messaging and positioning on these and all other promotional channels:

o Vitamin D
o How to protect yourself
o Sunbeds
o Early detection/what to look for

If you wish to follow us on social media, simply click on Facebook or Twitter.  We look forward to updating you on all our plans for 2014 and how indeed this meeting will help us all get the message out there in a clear, consistent way.  When it comes to fighting melanoma, unity is strength!

Speak soon,


Anna White



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