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Legacies - The Gift of Awareness

Although an impressive 74% of the UK population support charities, only 6.3% remember to leave a legacy to their favourite charity. The reality is that without gifts left in Wills by people like you, many of the charities we know and support (including us) wouldn’t even exist.

Writing a Will is an important step towards making sure your wishes can be respected. Once you have taken care of your family and friends, it’s also the perfect way to ensure that a charity like the Melanoma Fund can continue to make lasting impact on the community.

New Will

If you haven’t yet made your will, now is a good time! It is easier than you may think and although there is a small cost involved, it provides peace of mind, ensuring that your estate is in order should the worst happen. For further advice on writing a will simply contact your local solicitor.

Existing Will

If you already have a will and you want to include a gift to the Melanoma Fund in it, there may not be any need to rewrite it. You can ask a solicitor to add an amendment (called a codicil). As a general rule, if the change you wish to make is quite small or simple, you can use a codicil, and if the change is more significant or complex you should make a new will.

Financial Benefits

Leaving a gift in your will can also be highly tax efficient as it is free from inheritance tax. By choosing to leave a gift us, you could effectively reduce any tax your family or other beneficiaries would have to pay. For more information on how to leave a gift in your Will, your solicitor will also be able to help you. 

Legacy 10 came into force on 6th April 2012. For people who die after this date and leave 10% of their estate to charity there is a corresponding reduction in the overall rate of Inheritance tax payable on the rest of the estate from 40% to 36%. It is also possible to achieve this saving by way of a deed of variation to insert the legacy to charity into a Will after someone has died.

Types of Gift

There are three types of gift. You can leave a:

  • share of your estate (a residuary gift)
  • fixed amount of money (a pecuniary gift)
  • particular item (a specific gift)

If you have been touched by melanoma or any other form of skin cancer, please help us in our mission.  Any gift in your Will, large or small, will help us continue to raise awareness, educate and fund research to help find a cure for melanoma. 

If you wish to contact us with regards to leaving a legacy to the Melanoma Fund, please email Harry Townsend at

Or call us directly 01342 322508

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