Kara Leece

When Kara Leece turned 30, she celebrated by jetting off to Dubai with her mum for a week of sun, sea, and relaxation. But as her mother rubbed sunscreen into her back, she spotted a small mole, which appeared to be changing shape and colour. Kara booked herself in with a GP as soon as she arrived home, and it was a decision that saved her life, as it turned out to be melanoma.

Following lengthy treatment, Kara is now in the clear, however the diagnosis left physical and emotional scars. Kara agreed to become a Sunguard ambassador to raise awareness of her experience to others, and her story immediately went viral, creating massive awareness across TV, radio, digital and print media. She now aims to continue that good work and use her Sunguard role as a platform to educate others on the importance of sun protection and skin checking.

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