India & Pringle

Our Sunguard ambassador team!

This formidable pairing competes with the South-East team, finishing second place at Bishop Burton International Youth Championships 2022. Individually, they won the Iona Sclater trophy in the CCI -2j* long, finishing 5th at the Royal International horse show in the 153cm WHP. Having finished in the top 10 in every Pony Trial in 2021 they have had success as well as fun together.

With fair skin, prone to burning, India is vigilant around her sun protection routines, and this also extends to Pringle, who has the same requirements. Horses with little or no pigmentation, such as greys, palominos, duns, or cremellos, are more prone to sunburn, and as such she ensures he is protected when the weather heats up.

“Using fly rugs, turning out with plenty of shade and water, and a dollop of sunscreen are all methods that work well – when I sun protect, so does he! His health and wellbeing are as important as my own and this includes ensuring sun protection is part of that.”

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