Formerly known as the Myfanwy Townsend Melanoma Research Fund

Fundraising Support

Why plan an adventure? Because who knows where it might lead!

If there’s an adventure bubbling away inside of you, why not enrich the experience and turn it into a fundraising challenge?  If you think that may be too complicated or time consuming think again. If you plan on supporting the Melanoma Fund, we can in turn, support you, ensuring that your efforts are optimised and your goals are achieved.

Why Support Us?

We are a small but passionate melanoma dedicated charity that has raised over £600,000 over the last 17 years to help raise awareness and fund research to find a cure. Over the last 30 years, rates of melanoma in the UK have risen faster than any of the current top ten cancers. Around 12,800 cases were diagnosed in 2010 in the UK; that’s around 35 people every day.  By supporting us you will be helping us make a difference and every single penny helps.

Fundraising & Media Support

Once you’ve chosen your goal and get your idea on the road, we can also help you raise awareness of your endeavours, whatever they might be, and in turn optimise your donations. Our CEO, Michelle Baker has over 25 years’ experience in PR/marketing and can help you set up fundraising page, help share your news our Twitter feed and Facebook page, (and show you how to on yours), help you promote your story to the local media and provide you with moral support whenever the going gets tough. If you want to do something, even if you don’t quite know what it is yet, contact us on We’re happy to chat and can help bring out your adventure!

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