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From Yorkshire to Switzerland!

We would like to thank Jill and David Kitching for their fantastic efforts! They have have just completed an amazing challenge which saw them cycling from Wombwell in Yorksire to Kandersteg  in Switzerland, with the aim of raising funds for melanoma.

Family Inspiration

The challenge was inspired by David’s father Terry, who following his demob in 1953 was hungry for some adventure and wanted to explore Europe. As a Scouter and member of a mountain rescue team, he was well prepared to be self sufficient. Not having a car he set off from Wombwell, South Yorkshire, on his bike.

This was a big challenge as his mode of transport bore little resemblance to today’s light alloy framed road bikes, especially when packed with all his belongings. His destination was the International Scout Camp at Kandersteg in Switzerland.

During the 2015 New Year Celebrations David and Jill made a resolution to follow in his tracks and complete the challenge together.  Not ones to procrastinate, on 28th May they set off from Wombwell and travelled via Lincoln, Spalding and Ely to Harwich where they caught the ferry to the Hook of Holland.

Jill and David

Using only pedal power they  traveled via Amsterdam, Brussels, Luxembourg, Strasbourg and Zurich to Kandersteg in Switzerland arriving on the 10th June, having biked over 950 miles.

Funds for Miles

The pair decided to support the work of  Matt’s Fund as Jill’s Godson, Daniel lost his brother Matthew, who was only 24, in 2008 to melanoma; the most serious form of skin cancer. In the months before Matt’s death he expressed a determined wish to do something positive in the fight against melanoma. So Matt’s Fund was formed with the intention of:

  • Raising awareness to ensure this doesn’t happen to others
  • Funding research into melanoma
  • Raising awareness of the impact it has on families
  • Providing funding for the aid and comfort of young adults struck by the disease.
Charities Working in Synergy
the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.


We would like to say a big thank you to Jill and David and also Bob Boulton at Matt’s Fund, who elected to donate to the funds raised to us here at the Myfanwy Townsend Melanoma Research Fund for our work with schools via the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code. What a wonderful example of charities working together!

Helping Blow the Whistle on Sunburn!

The Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code was created by the Myfanwy Townsend Melanoma Research Fund in 2014 and is the only free accredited sun protection initiative for all those who work outdoors with children.

Partnered with the Youth Sports Trust, Association for Physical Education (AfPE), Child Protection in Sports Unit and sports coach UK, it is supported by over 80 national governing bodies of sport (NGBs) and a wide variety of outdoor and coaching organisations. Our aim is to Blow the Whistle on Sunburn! For further details visit

Fancy Donating?

If this story has inspired you and you wish to show your support to them, their Justgiving page is still open. Although they have reached their target and raised over £1,000 to date, every penny makes a difference. Please click HERE to donate.


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