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A Flight to Fight Melanoma

Mr Siva Kumar on the forthcoming 9th World Congress of Melanoma

Although incidence of melanoma is still rising at alarming rates, when it comes to treatment we are living in encouraging times. There has been a big surge in the number of medical and scientific discoveries in recent years, focusing on the prevention, diagnosis, and management of this, the most dangerous form of skin cancer.

It is no exaggeration to say that melanoma treatment is also probably the fastest changing oncological field at present. This is why, as a melanoma surgeon I am honoured and excited to attend the 9th World Congress of Melanoma in Australia this October.

9th world congress of melanoma society for melanoma research

My trip – kindly sponsored by the Melanoma Fund – will provide me with the chance to learn and keep conversant with the latest research and trends. It will create unparalleled opportunities to network, offering endless possibilities of partnering with other leading clinicians and scientists from around the world, to exchange knowledge, fresh thinking, expertise and new ideas.

michelle baker ceo with siva kumar medical ambassador
Michelle Baker (CEO) with Siva Kumar (Medical Ambassador)

Having spent an enjoyable and successful year working with this highly proactive charity, raising awareness of melanoma in their ‘Watch your Back!’ campaign, I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences with my peers. It is proven that early detection of melanoma leads to better outcomes which is showcased by the fact that this impactful campaign is soon to launch in New Zealand.

When it comes to hot topics of discussion, the role of ‘sentinel node biopsy’ in the management of melanoma remains up there. As one of the leading members of the MASCU team at Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead, that has recently introduced SNB to SE England, I will be keen to critically evaluate the recent evidence presented at the Conference, to ensure that patients treated at QVH can benefit and are fully informed.

I have no doubt there are other groups and charities around the world that will have innovative methods to spread a similar message.  I hope to come back with lots of ideas that I can share with the Melanoma Fund, and work with to implement in future campaigns.

For further details on the Conference and how this can impact the local community, please watch out for my updates at


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