Dr Allan Matthews

As the lead dermatologist for the PGA European Tour, Dr Allan Matthews is responsible for overseeing the skin health of professional golfers, caddies, and tour staff. As our medical advisor, he brings valuable insight to ensure the Slip! Slap! Swing! campaign message is up to date, and relevant for all in golf.

Dr Allan Matthews graduated in Medicine with Commendation from the University of Dundee in 2007, followed by post-graduate medical training in Edinburgh and Dermatology training in Glasgow. He has been a consultant dermatologist with NHS Fife in Scotland since 2015 and an honorary senior lecturer at the University of St Andrews since 2018.

His training and practice cover all aspects of dermatology including skin cancer diagnosis and treatment. He is particularly passionate about the prevention and early diagnosis of skin cancer, through education and screening and has a keen interest in medical education and in the fledgling field of sports dermatology.

As the Lead Dermatologist for the PGA European Tour, Dr Matthews oversees the skin cancer screening and education service for professional golfers, caddies, and tour staff. He uses this contact as an opportunity to raise awareness of skin cancer and educate on the importance of sun protection and regular self-examination, and to highlight red flags to look out for in terms of identifying a possible skin cancer.

He says; “We have produced educational infographics and offer education and full skin examination sessions at events. My focus is not just on sunscreen use but also physical protection (hats and sleeves), recognition of risk and early detection. We speak about melanoma but also non-melanoma skin cancer which is probably a bit more prevalent in this group, though admittedly not as potentially dangerous.

I am keen to help the Melanoma Fund align their campaign messages to ensure that the accreditation scheme and advice proffered is relevant, accurate and viable for all in golf.

The most important aspect of this is to create good habits, which can be difficult, especially for the older generation. However, with persistence and positive, consistent messaging metred out by the media and golf clubs, we can inspire everyone to take a closer look at their skin health. This is a campaign which aims to create a positive and healthy legacy for golfers of all genders and ages”.

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