Cheryl Muggeridge

Cheryl admits she didn’t know what melanoma was until her mum was diagnosed, and passed away in 2012, at the age of 63, believed to be a result of a bad sunburn at 17. Before this, Cheryl thought that sun cream was ‘just to stop you getting burnt and peeling’ and had no idea that the UV light could cause skin cancer.

Cheryl met Harry Townsend after seeing a leaflet about melanoma in her local chemist, wanting as much information as she could get following her mother’s diagnosis. It turned out that they knew the same people through his hometown of East Grinstead, his many rugby contacts, and Mark Habgood, who helped Harry with his wheelbarrow adventure across N.Z.

Having since had friends diagnosed with melanoma makes Cheryl all the more determined to ensure that the lack of knowledge she experienced, which is unfortunately not uncommon, is quashed, and is keen to work with the charity to achieve this personal mission.

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