West Malling Golf Club supports the Melanoma Fund

23 January 2023 |   Michelle Baker

Having created the Slip! Slap! Swing! campaign in 2019, we are delighted that the Melanoma Fund is now considered the ‘go to’ charity for sun protection in golf, helping raise awareness of UV exposure, to help keep skin cancer off the fairways.

To help support our work, the new captains of the family-run, Kent-based West Malling Golf Club, have announced that the Melanoma Fund will be their club charity for 2023. Incoming club captains Donna Chuter and John (Joe) Harris made this official at the club’s Annual General Meeting on January 1st, attended by over 100 members.

The charity, which raises awareness of melanoma and other forms of skin cancer in sport, via their three prevention campaigns, will be working with the captains and their committee to ensure their tenancy is not only successful in terms of fundraising but also to help impact members attitudes to sun protection and skin cancer.

The charity will be carrying out a survey to establish current opinions at the start of this season, and then the same survey at the end of summer, aiming to example how getting sun protection accredited to the Slip! Slap! Swing! campaign can not only educate members but provide long-term benefits such as improving habits, to positively impact health.

The captains plan to hold some exciting events at the club including a Cross Country Day on June 29th, a Captain’s Day on July 9th, and the Ladies Open on August 1st. In addition, supported by the committee and the charity, the captains will together host an intensive range of ad hoc fundraising activities at the club, aimed to bump up support, awareness, and funds.

Say’s ladies captain, Donna Chuter; “We have members at the club who have been touched by skin cancer, so this really was a no-brainer for us. Golf is a sport that puts us at the mercy of all-weather, including overexposure to the sun during the summer months. It is easy to get out of the habit of protecting skin, which can lead to problems that can be avoided.

It was also important to both Joe and myself to support a proactive, passionate, and Kent-based organisation, making a difference in the lives of people affected by skin cancer on a local and national level, and the Melanoma Fund ticks all boxes.”

Michelle Baker, CEO of the Melanoma Fund say’s; “It is always an honour and privilege to be selected by a golf club as their club charity, and especially so when both captains are working together for a shared cause. We look forward to working with Donna and Joe helping them make the most of their captaincy, and the exciting opportunities on offer for all parties.

About West Malling Golf Club and the Melanoma Fund

West Malling Golf club is a friendly, family-run golf course based in Addington, Nr Maidstone. This beautiful club offers two excellent 18-hole courses, a well-appointed clubhouse, practice facilities, and a golf shop for both members and visitors.

The Melanoma Fund is based in Kent and runs several awareness campaigns in sports, including the Slip! Slap! Swing! sun protection campaign for golf. It is supported by every golf organisation in the UK and hundreds of golf clubs. For further details on accreditation click HERE.

If you are looking for a charity to support, wish to know how to work the Melanoma Fund, and any of its campaigns, contact Michelle Baker at info@melanoma-fund.co.uk