Rosie’s incredible UV colour changing bead bracelets!

15.06.23 |   Michelle Baker 

Rosie Sullivan, the young lady behind ‘Rosie’s incredible UV changing bead bracelets’ has supported the Melanoma Fund since the tender age of four, when she joined her two sisters and mum Julie, at our skin check clinics in garden centres.

Following this fun introduction to volunteering, Rosie appeared in one of the charity’s awareness videos to promote sun protection to other children, via the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code, which saw her drama skills come to life, in front of the camera, see HERE

Keen to continue her work, since 2019 Rosie has been busy each summer making her amazing bracelets that have recently taken the media by storm, threading UV colour-changing beads onto elastic to create jewellery with a purpose. The beads change colour when hit by UV light, and remind young children and adults to slap on sunscreen, a great initiative that will help avoid sunburn, and the threat of skin cancer, for many people


Rosie’s support of the Melanoma Fund was inspired by her uncle, Steve Wilson’s experience with melanoma. Steve’s first diagnosis was in 2010 and second in 2017, and seeing what he went through, Rosie decided to do something positive, to prevent others from experiencing the same. So far, Rosie has raised over £1,146 for the Melanoma Fund, and each year she improves her designs and increases sales.

Rosie says, “My bracelets have special beads that change colour when UV rays hit them, providing a perfect reminder that you need to wear sunscreen and protect yourself from the sun! Melanoma runs in my family and in most cases is preventable, so I want to do all I can to educate others against this horrible cancer.”

Sunguard ambassador

Rosie has recently joined the team of Sunguard ambassadors at the Melanoma Fund, helping the charity raise awareness of its mission.  Her role has kicked off with incredible success, with regional TV, radio, and print coverage of her story, helping to take her awareness to a whole different level. See her profile HERE.

Michelle Baker, CEO of the Melanoma Fund said;

“What more can we ask of this amazing young lady? Not only is Rosie an inspiration to girls of her generation but to everyone else.  There is a big difference in talking about creating change in society and doing something positive to actualy achieve it, and Rosie has done just that, helping reach thousands of people with her story.  She is a great example of following your passion, and we are so grateful to have her on board.”

Order your beads HERE!

Rosie is still busy creating her bracelets, which are now in high demand! If you wish to purchase for schools or clubs, you can so do in bags of 10 bracelets, which can be posted out to you for FREE.  Simply visit Rosie’s Just Giving page HERE and donate £20.00 per bag.  Then simply email with your name and address, and they will be posted out to you, whilst stocks last.

For further information on the Melanoma Fund and how the charity is raising awareness of skin cancer in sport and outdoor recreation contact Michelle Baker at or visit