Mumsnet Guest Campaign – July 2019

21 Jul 2019   |   Michelle Baker

Bravo Mumsnet for taking sun protection seriously, featuring the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code as their Guest Campaign, helping us raise awareness to thousands of parents.

Mumsnet is a website for parents in the UK. It hosts discussion forums where users share advice and information on parenting and many other topics. It has an Influencers’ network with over 10,000 bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers and reaches out to the heart of the parenting hub.

The Melanoma Fund is delighted that the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code has been selected as their guest campaign for July. With the school summer holidays almost upon us, working parents especially will be busy booking up summer activity camps, helping them find vital time to work as the long weeks, out of school, stretch out.

Sunburn risks

Whilst getting children playing outdoors all day is healthy, it is worth sparing a thought on the issue of sun protection. How do you know that your child will be using hats and reapplying sunscreen whilst out of your care, and how can you ensure they do not return home with sunburn? Does your provider have an effective sun protection policy in place and is it used?

With skin cancer rates rising rapidly, and childhood sunburn attributed to doubling the incidence of melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer, in adulthood, this is a topic we all need to take seriously.

The Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code, an initiative designed to create peace of mind for parents who take sun protection seriously. It support all those who work outdoors with children, helping ensure that their provision of sun protection is up-to-date and 100% effective.


Campaign partners, the Youth Sport Trust, Association for Physical Education (AfPE), Child Protection in Sport Unit (NSPCC) and UK Coaching have worked with the Melanoma Fund, the charity behind the campaign, to ensure the advice is relevant to sport and outdoor activity.

Over 100 national governing bodies of sport and major outdoor organisations actively support the campaign, proving the UK is finally taking this vital form of safeguarding to heart. The resource offers professional guidelines, template policies, downloadable materials and an accreditation scheme to keep action consistent throughout summer.

The OK Code encourages all outdoor activity leaders to follow these five rules:

  1. PREPARE: Ensure that everyone arrives ready for a day in the sun
  2. PROTECT: With clothing, hats/sunglasses and sunscreen (SPF30+) reapplied at breaks
  3. SHADE: Avoid direct sunlight during lunch or whilst spectating others
  4. HYDRATE: Ensure water is always available
  5. LEAD BY EXAMPLE: Inspire children with your own actions

Julia Newton-Bishop, Professor of Dermatology at the University of Leeds says; “Children’s skin is more sensitive than adults and DNA damage can be caused by repeated overexposure to UV light. Although sun exposure is important for health – it is how we make vitamin D – sunburn increases our risk of skin cancer so ensure they’re protected, especially when out for prolonged periods, and educated on the risks by adults who lead by example.”

Share with your provider

If you are a parent, please ensure your child’s activity provider is signed up to the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code, and if you are an organisation or individual that works outdoors with children, sign up today at By being vigilant and working together we can blow the whistle on sunburn! Visit for further details.