Cloudy with a chance of sunshine!

01 08.22  |   Michelle Baker

Brits like to talk about the weather, be it too hot, too wet, or cold, and with our changeable temperatures we are never lost for words!  We are using this ‘Britism’, to ignite a sun awareness campaign to inspire children to not only wear sun protection but educate them on why it is important, to help them avoid skin cancer.

This summer, Essex ActiVate, an Essex-based Food & Activity Programme contacted all their activity providers to offer free SPF30 sunscreen dispensers, complete with boards, to help not only protect them from sunburn, but educate them on the UV Index, and the rationale behind sun protection.

With 80 providers taking up the offer, they are successfully providing thousands of young people with sunscreen who may not necessarily have access to it, impacting health and good habits at the ideal age.

With just one sunburn doubling the risk of melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer, it is the duty of care of all outdoor activity providers to ensure all in their care are protected from the sun.

After ATF, a holiday activity provider based in Basildon received their sunscreen, they decided to get Sun Protection Accredited to the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code and get sun protection on their agenda. Taking this one step further, they organised a daily weather report, featuring ‘Alfie the weatherman’, who now appears in a regular slot on their socials

This genius idea, teamed with 11-year-old Alfie Berrabe’s unique presenting skills, caught our eye, and then BBC Essex Radio, who agreed to feature Alfie’s presenting skills on their breakfast show.

Alfie the weatherman

Calling all weatherkids!

This has now inspired the #weatherkids campaign, with Active Partnerships looking to get their other partnerships to create a similar campaign, aiming to not only create awareness of sun protection but provide young people with an educational project for the summer.

Involvement is open to all their providers, whether in receipt of the sunscreen dispensers or not, and simply involves electing a willing young person to help present the weather in a video format, and post on their socials, using #weatherkids.

Get accredited!

Ensuring young people understand the importance of sun protection is an important step in building better habits, so all providers will be encouraged to get accredited to the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code and take the Sun-Sorted quiz.

This fun, educational tool is free and provides invaluable information on the sun, their skin, and their environment. Designed for KS2 children, it is also great for adults who want to brush up on their knowledge.

We look forward to seeing some great weather reports, hopefully as good as Alfie’s! For further information check out #weatherkids and to get your organisation accredited the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code visit