All4KidsUK – Sun-protecting children this summer

21 Jul 2019  |   Michelle Baker

All4KidsUK is of the UK’s leading activity directories and proud supporters of the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code.

With the school summer holidays almost upon us, parents will be busy booking their young ones into summer activity camps, from cricket, tennis, football to mountaineering, the choice is now expansive, helping them find the time to work, as the long weeks stretch out.

Whilst getting children playing outdoors all day is healthy, it is worth sparing a thought on the issue of sun protection. How do you know that your child will be using their hats and reapplying sunscreen whilst out of your care, and how can you ensure they do not return home with sunburn?

With skin cancer rates rising rapidly, and childhood sunburn attributed to doubling the incidence of melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer, in adulthood, this is a topic we all need to take seriously.

The good news, is that help is at hand!

All4KidsUK now supports the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code, an initiative designed to support all those who work outdoors with children, helping ensure that their provision of sun protection is up-to-date and 100% effective.

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