A charity golf day in the Cotswolds

13 May 2021  |   Michelle Baker

The Melanoma Fund’s very first ‘charity golf day’ took place on May 9th at Minchinhampton Golf Club, set in the heart of Gloucestershire.

Not only was the day thoroughly enjoyable, but we were also blessed with sunny weather, which made their courses glisten, and our advice on sun protection and skin cancer highly relevant.

A successful day!

The day was attended by over 260 members who were welcomed to the club’s stunning three courses with some smart promotional flags and banners, announcing that the day was supporting the work of the Melanoma Fund, and specifically the charity’s Slip! Slap! Swing! sun protection campaign for golf.

On arrival players picked up their cards and raffle tickets, and were then greeted by Michelle Baker, CEO of the Melanoma Fund. Each player was given a UV reflective band (to warn them of the need to wear sun protection whilst playing) and a tube of sunscreen and some smart advice!

Even though the sun was not particularly hot, the UV was over 3, meaning it was wise to sun protect as sunburn was certainly a risk factor. This was news to some, but not for many of the members who had already suffered from skin cancer, or who knew someone who had, who knew only too well the risks.

Golfers’ habits

A recent survey* carried out by Sports Marketing Surveys for the Melanoma Fund, revealed that only 42% of golfers use sunscreen when the weather required it, and a massive 72% never reapply it when on the fairway. With nearly 30% admitting they avoid sun protection, in favour of a tan, there is still work to be done.

Says Simon Pope, General Manager of Minchinhampton Golf Club, “Our relationship with the Melanoma Fund began in late 2020 when we became Sun Protection Accredited to Slip! Slap! Swing! campaign. Our involvement has helped us improve awareness of sun protection to our staff, members and visitors and we are delighted to have joined a growing community of clubs and organisations creating a healthier future for all in the sport.

We were delighted to develop this relationship further by committing our support through this day; our largest member event of the year, which plays the Kevin Kennedy Cup, Dave Brown Cup and Barry Coombes Trophy.

These events were run on all three of our courses, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank Michelle for her time and support during our preparations, and for turning up on the day. As a leading club in the South West region, Minchinhampton Golf Club is proud to support such a proactive charity, and help to raise awareness of their vital work and to encourage donations.”

The Slip! Slap! Swing! campaign

The Melanoma Fund launched the Slip! Slap! Swing! campaign in 2019, and after getting the backing of nearly every golf organisation in the UK and Ireland, they launched the Sun Protection Accreditation scheme in 2020, getting over 350 clubs Sun Protection Accredited, despite COVID challenges. This led to an encouraging start to 2021, and with a new website up and running, the charity has a new target of 600 accredited clubs by the end of the year.

Says Michelle Baker; “To be selected as the charity for the Minchinhampton Golf Club Members Charity Day was an honour and signifies to us how far we have come. It was an absolute pleasure to meet Tom and Fe, all the volunteers, club captains, pro shop staff and of course the club members. We were made to feel very welcome by everyone and thank them for their generosity.”


From green fees, and a rather splendid raffle, organised by a team of amazing volunteers, which saw three tables heaving beneath bottles of wine, sprits, golf paraphernalia, sunscreen and beauty items, the day raised a grand total of £2,850.

These funds are greatly appreciated and will be used to cover the cost of the charity’s ‘golf day promotional toolkit and resources’ allowing the Melanoma Fund to run lots more similar days with other Sun Protection Accredited golf clubs across the UK, raising awareness to more in golf and saving more from the trauma of skin cancer.

Get your golf club involved

If you fancy running a charity golf day with the Melanoma Fund, or getting your golf club Sun Protection Accredited to the Slip! Slap! Swing! campaign, contact Michelle who is happy to discuss ideas HERE. For further information, visit www.melanoma-fund.co.uk.