Basal Cell & Squamous Cell Carcinoma facts

by Mr Samuel Orkar and Mr Siva Kumar


These are the most common forms of skin cancer, and are collectively referred to as non-melanoma skin cancers.


They arise within the top layer of the skin and can appear on any sun-exposed area of the body, but are most frequently found on the face, ears, bald scalp, and neck.


Basal cell carcinoma frequently appears as a pearly bump, whereas squamous cell carcinoma often looks like a rough, red, scaly area, or an ulcerated bump that bleeds.


Although non-melanoma skin cancer spreads slowly, if left untreated, it can lead to disfigurement.


If you spot anything changing, itching, or bleeding on your skin, again contact your GP immediately as when caught early and treated properly, these types of skin cancer are highly curable.