Annabel Dimmock

Ladies European Tour Professional Golfer.

Playing golf from a young age has made Annabel Dimmock aware of how important it is to sun protect, even on overcast and windy days. With many golfers underestimating the risks, she is keen to raise awareness of skin cancer to golfers, and how if can affect anyone.

Annabel honed her game with the help of the Wentworth Scholarship programme, and can now list the Junior Ryder Cup, Youth Olympics, Curtis Cup and Ladies European Tour winner among her many achievements.

Say’s Annabel; “I love playing in summer, it’s what golf is all about. Unfortunately I see too many people hitting the fairway without hats or sunscreen. Sun protection in the sport really is too hit and miss. A tan is still seen by many as a ‘trophy’, signifying how long they spend on the golf course.

Sure, it does appear to give the appearance of health and vitality, however, it’s actually a sign that your skin is damaged and if you continue, and occasionally get sunburned whilst playing, either in the UK or abroad, you are setting yourself up for early ageing and the dreaded skin cancer.

All we need to do is change our perspective on sun protection and look at the facts – namely that skin cancer is an epidemic, with incidence rising faster than all other cancers put together. I hope that if enough club’s get behind this campaign, golfers will be urged to re-think their habits. If you really want to tan, then fake it, because your older self will thank you!

I really don’t mind growing old playing golf, but I DO mind looking old before my time, and I know if I ignore sun protection, that will happen”.

The Slip! Slap! Swing! campaign is free, quick and easy to implement and helps protect golfers and the staff that spend lots of time outdoors from the risk of UV light. All clubs should sign up and get Sun Protection Accredited as this will help start a revolution in golf that will impact skin cancer. The question is if not, why not?

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