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A Sliding Marathon for Melanoma!

The LUFC Channel Row Team will be rowing the English Channel from Nuiport, Belgium to Ramsgate a distance of 54 miles on 8th June 2014, hoping to raise awareness and much needed funds for the Myfanwy Townsend Melanoma Cancer Research Fund. They are hoping to complete the crossing in under 15 hours.

The team is made up of: Harvey Sharman (LUFC’s Head Physiotherapist), Rob Hulse (Ex LUFC fans favourite) Richie Cresswell (Ex fans favourite), Chris Short (Ex Sheffield United  & current Head Conditioning Coach Bolton Wanderers), Campbell Watt (Sports Massage Therapist), Giles Chalk, (Ex Oxford Rowing Team) and Cox, Lynne-Marie Welch.


David Lloyd

On Sunday, 7th April, the (now super-fit) LUFC Channel Row Team took over the Concept 2’s at David Lloyd’s in York to show gym users how it’s done. A grueling three hours later, complete with sore bums, they completed a marathon!  Here in the words of Campbell Watt is a report on the event:

“The row went well yesterday and was an excellent training exercise for the rowers there which included myself, Hulsy, Richie Cress, Lynne-Marie and Chris Short in a coaching role. We rowed for just over 3 hours, completed 26 miles and raised about £550 on the day and hope there is more to follow!

Initially we were disappointed that £550.00 was all we raised,  however when reflecting on the day whilst applying Sudocrem to my skinned bottom, I remembered the man who thanked us for what we were doing. This gentleman was a skin cancer sufferer and was coming through his successful treatment. His words were very humbling indeed, and served as a reminder to what we are doing….saving lives!

DL2Charity Row 1

Harvey pointed out to me last night that a measure of the success is not how much money we raise but how much awareness we generate and hopefully how many lives we help. Here here.

Yesterday was a quick hit money raiser.  From now until we row we could do the same in gyms, football clubs, training grounds, entrance to match day suits and so on. The fact that we have the LUFC logo should not bar us from any ground or organisation and won’t!  Human spirit is much less superficial than that, so if you think of anything or anywhere else, please fire the ideas around and let’s keep doing the marathon and raise money.

Every one reading this can come up with something that may be a good fundraising avenue for us. Between Richie, Hulsy and Shorty we would be well received at so many clubs so we really must broaden the scope.

If your reading this as a non rower and in your professional capacity, please, please, please help us save lives.”


Campbell Watt

Keep the Team Motivated!

We’re very proud of this team (as you can probably tell!) If you like the cut of their jib and want to help the amazing LUFC Channel Row Team with their fund raising efforts, please visit HERE.  Why not show your support with words of encouragement or, if fancy a chat with the team, visit their Twitter feed @LUFCChannelrow.  Every penny raised helps us raise awareness and fight melanoma!

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