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The Myfanwy Townsend Melanoma Research fund

Tackling Rising Rates of Melanoma

Fundraising Ideas

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill

When it comes to fundraising for charity the only limit is your imagination and the greatest fuel is your passion. This has been testified again and again by the countless people who have run, swum and walked, talked, flown and rowed their way to helping us raise donations to help fund research.

We believe that the most important element of fundraising is to have fun and to do something you enjoy doing (and maybe even something you are good at!) Why not try raising money with the aim of reaching personal goals or fulfilling a long held wish – for yourself or maybe on behalf of a loved one who cannot?

Tips to help you spread the word

  • Update and share your personal fundraising page i.e. Just Giving, on Facebook every day and encourage your friends to share, comment and like (and donate!) This will ensure you reach a greater number of people
  • Use Twitter to tweet interesting facts, stories and videos related to melanoma and remember to add your fundraising page link. You can find more information about melanoma on our About Melanoma page or from our on-line platforms.
  • Creating change with a group forms lasting relationships and is the best way to amplify awareness of your efforts. Try involving as many people in your fundraising campaign as possible; reach out to friends, family, co-workers or networking groups and take on the task as a team
  • Why not go mega and speak to your employers or if you have a business, why not make us your preferred charity?  They can feature us or maybe match your personal contributions

Stuck for activities?

Whether you fancy doing something simple and quick or maybe challenging yourself with something that takes longer to organise, here are a few suggestions that may stimulate your imagination. Some are what our supporters have done in the past, including a few that are still on our own list, thrown in for good measure!


Sponsored car wash: Try getting Scouts in on this and organise activity in a supermarket car park. A very popular one in the past.
School/office raffle: Local organisations are usually happy to contribute prize donations in return for a publicity mention.
Office swear box: Funds can soon mount up believe us.
Friday dress down days: This can be a weekly activity where each person has to donate a £1 to wear casual for the day!
Bake off!: Bring a tray of cakes into work/school and charge £1 for each – also works well on a Friday!


Walkathon: This is a good way to raise money and also help everyone stay fit including children and older people. You can collect pledges/donations for every mile that you walk.

Organise A fair: Either start from scratch or suggest that funds are raised for your charity. Work with your community and set up music, food stalls, game stalls etc. You can also organise a special event such as a talent competition (very now!), which can be highlighted as the main attraction of the fair.

Organise a Fashion Show: If you are fashion minded, why not organise a fashion show? This is an exciting way to generate funds and have some fun. Book a venue (try to get this free!) get a stylist on-board then ask local stores and boutiques to participate in the event. Most would be up for showcasing their creations and apparel on a public platform.

Swimathon: From children to grandparents, joining an organised swimathon is a great way to do your bit and the training is fun, too! From a width to a mile and beyond, every penny counts.


Running a race: From trail running, marathons or half-marathons to 5K races there is a race that is made for you. Check out the Runners World website which lists races around the UK, and even has training plans to help you every step of the way.

Adrenaline junky?: How about a parachute or bungee jump! If you have always wanted to jump out of a plane or off a bridge but needed the right excuse, here it is. Your friends will view you in a whole new way!

Other ideas: Alternatively, you could train for a Triathlon, a coast-to-coast walk, rowing across the channel (some of our supporters are actually doing this), or maybe hook up with an organised challenge.

Our Support

Whatever you chose to do, we will gladly support you with a branded kit to ensure you look as professional as you feel! This includes long-sleeved T-shirts, hats and educational leaflets. Just let us know how many you need. We can also support you with media coverage. Please visit our Media Room for contact details.

And Finally…

Remember to thank everyone who contributed to your goal. Celebrate together the fact that you have helped raise awareness, helped fund research and have created a lasting impact for generations to come.