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The Myfanwy Townsend Melanoma Research fund

Tackling Rising Rates of Melanoma

About Us

The Myfanwy Townsend Melanoma Research Fund


Our Mission: Putting an end to melanoma by raising awareness and helping fund scientific research to find a cure.

When Myfanwy Townsend (or Miff, as everybody knew her) died from melanoma in 1999, her family set up the Myfanwy Townsend Melanoma Research Fund to help prevent this terrible loss happening to others.

Since then, fuelled by the driving force that is Myfanwy’s husband Harry Townsend, the charity has gone on (to date) to raise over £400,000 in donations, from the charity’s loyal supporters and from his own incredible endeavours.

Our objectives are:

  • Raising awareness of melanoma via targeted media campaigns and events
  • Educating on diagnostic signs and everyday precautions
  • Funding the research of some of the best scientific resources in the country, with the aim of finding a cure
  • Making diagnosis more readily available by working with our partners at free pop-up mole check clinics and encouraging people to check their moles and act rapidly

We understand that research into melanoma is taking place worldwide, but as always progress is constrained by lack of money. Today, melanoma is one of the most rapidly increasing forms of cancer in the world.  The incidence in the UK has risen by 143% in 18 years, and there is a comparable increase throughout the world, yet still, far too little is known about the disease.  In the 1930’s melanoma affected 1 in 1,500: now it affects 1 in 50.

Everybody reading this will know of someone who has been in contact with melanoma, and will understand the need to find a cure. We can’t do it alone.  Ideally, we would like people feel involved; to organise fundraisers or to sponsor the various challenges that are currently being undertaken by our fundraisers.  Or simply educate yourself the fact, act responsibly and share the knowledge.

When it comes to beating melanoma, every fact shared and penny donated counts!


Raising Awareness

As early detection is vital, our aim is to prevent melanoma happening by raising awareness of sun protection and recognising the warning signs through our campaigns, social media, events, word of mouth…


We are nothing without our fundraisers and we aim to be behind them every step of the way, from providing a branded kit, to organising publicity support to help generate awareness; unity is strength!


Research is vital and without funding, what can be achieved is very limited. This is why we have always supported melanoma research and always will, putting your donations in the best hands.